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Padded Gate Arm Covers

Standard sized to fit a  ¾” wide x 3-1/2” tall x 50” long. Includes two reflective stripes.

Starting at $95

Options: custom sizes, application of graphic text & or logos, closed ends, and removable sign inserts.

GateKat Plus™

Padded Gate Arm Covers

Padded Gate Arm Cover with plastic sleeve for changeable message. Standard sized to fit a ¾” wide x 3-1/2” tall x 50” long gate arm. Includes two reflective stripes.

Starting at $125 plus cost of insert for the sleeve


Padded Garage Covers

Padded Garage Column & Pole Covers Custom made to the dimensions of your columns. Wraps around column and closes tight with 2” Velcro sewn down the length of the cover for easy installation. No tool required. Column covers can be made with cutouts to accommodate electrical outlets, fire extinguishers and other obstructions.


Cost based on height and dimensions of the column.


Padded Protection

Helps prevent dents and scratches if a vehicle comes in contact with a metal bollard. The bollard cover has a closed top and simply slides over the bollard for easy installation.


Cost starting at $105

Custom Capabilities

Custom Products

If you have equipment and structures where protection or safety is needed Polekats will manufacture covers, with and without padding to your size specifications.

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