Frequently asked questions

How Do I Get Started?

Submit one of the forms on the site, then we will schedule a phone call to discuss your needs and goals you would like to achieve. Once we put together a strategy, we will send you an invoice to be paid, and the work starts from there. We will always be available to talk to you all along the way as well.

How Many Leads Should I Expect to Get?

This all depends on your industry and your budget, but as a base, we shoot for 20-30 leads per month.

How Much Does Each Lead Cost?

This again depends on your industry and budget, but we aren't doing our job if leads come in above $30. Our goal is to get below $20 per lead, and most of our clients experience leads coming in around $10 or less.

What Can You Do for My eCommerce Business?

We run strategic paid advertising to get you a return on ad spend of 5-7x. So for every $1 you spend on ads, we aim to get you $5-$7 back, in the form of sales on your online store. Some of our clients experience upwards of a 9x return on ad spend.

How Many Followers Can You Get Me?

This depends on what industry we are promoting, but we work together and put a content strategy in place to get you 50-100 real and organic followers per week. If we are running paid ads or the content is starting to go viral we can see these numbers hovering around 500-1000 new followers per week. And as your account grows, we see these numbers start to compound over time, due to your increased reach.

How Long Does It Take To Rank On The Front Page Of Google?

We have packages on the high end that can get you there in 1-2 months, or on the very low end which can take upwards of 12 months, depending on your industry and the keywords we want to rank for?

What Kind Of Media Sites Do You Work With?

We have exclusive partnerships with a select few, but overall we have 15,000 media sites in our entire network that we can reach out to on your behalf and get you featured to announce a new product, your brand, yourself, or anything that you would like to promote.

How Long Does It Take To Build Me A New Website?

For standard websites, we only need 5-14 days, and for websites that are more custom, it may take upwards of 3-4 weeks.


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