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  • What information is needed to get a quote?
    Straight Gate Arm Cover: The dimensions of the gate arm… height, width and length you want covered (example: 1” wide x 4” high x 60” long). If round or octagon, provide the circumference of the arm plus the length. Folding Gate Arm Cover: Same information as above but separate measurements for the inner arm that is from the folding mechanism to the control base and the outer portion of the arm from the folding mechanism to the end. When measuring the gate arm we recommend leaving a 2″-3″ clearance from the folding mechanism on both the inner and outer arms to avoid possible interference when the arm is in motion. Column Cover: Square or rectangular columns – The width, length and height to be covered Round columns – The circumference and the height to be covered Bollard Cover: Circumference and the height
  • Are reflective stripes included?
    Yes- you have a choice of red or white at no additional cost
  • What standard colors are available?
    Standard colors- red, yellow, black and white. Custom colors are based on availability with a 25% additional custom color charge.
  • What is the normal turnaround time?
    3-4 weeks from when the order is received to when it is shipped via UPS ground. For an additional fee a rush order can be shipped within 48 hours of when order is received.
  • Can you custom design a padded cover for things other than gate arms, columns and bollards?"
    Yes. Email a picture or rough sketch and dimensions of what you want covered and we will give you a price.
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