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Straight Gate Arm Cover
Provide the height, width and length you want covered (example: 3/4” wide x 3” high x 60” long). If round or octagon, provide the circumference of the arm and the length. Do not include the portion of the gate arm that attaches to the control box.

Folding/Articulating Gate Arm Cover
Same measurements as above, but separate measurements for the inner arm that is from the folding mechanism to the control base and the outer portion of the arm from the folding mechanism to the end. When measuring the gate arm, we recommend leaving a 2″-3″ clearance from the folding mechanism on both the inner and outer arms to avoid possible interference when the arm is in motion.​



Columns and post tend to vary in size from top to bottom. For the most accurate measurement, you should measure the column at 3 different places:  the base, the middle, and the area for the desired height. 
Choose your best fit based on these measurements. 

For cornered columns, please give the length of each side in inches. 

For round columns, please give the circumference (measurement around the column) in inches. For the most accurate results the circumference of round columns should be measured using a soft tape measure. 


It is helpful to provide photos or drawings of odd shaped structures.

How To Measure Columns Aug 2020.jpg


Provide the circumference around the post and the height.

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